I remember as a young child back in the early 70′s listening to my mom play her Barbara Streisand records. She had literally everything in the KFEZ library, Anne Murray, 5th Dimension, Helen Reddy, Barry Manilow and of course Frank Sinatra. She would blast the music all through our small home in Chicago. On her birthdays she would always appreciate getting music before anything else. My Dad and brother and I would go to the record store (yes – they had them for those under 30 reading this) and buy her the newest release….

KFEZ is a tribute to these old songs and those that made them special like my mom.

We hope you enjoy great music long forgotten but still highly enjoyed by lots and lots of people nowadays. We are glad to bring it to you, and you can enjoy Easy 101.3 worldwide online and right here live in Southern Colorado with our massive 100,000 watt signal.

We appreciate your feedback and of course thank you for listening to KFEZ, Easy 101.3.

My Best always…..

Mike Knar & the entire SOCO Radio Team